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Read More if it gets lost. Before two-factor authentication, Apple offered two-step verification. With this, Apple sends a short numeric code using the Find My iPhone system in iOS and via a text message to other devices. This old system also relies on a provided recovery code to keep your from getting locked out.

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If your account gets locked for some reason and you lose the recovery code, you might never regain access. When you upgrade to iOS 11 or later, or macOS High Sierra or later, your device security settings will automatically update to two-factor authentication. To reset an Apple ID protected with two-step verification, you need to have a recovery key and a trusted device or phone number.

Then follow these steps:. As per the Apple support document on resetting a two-step password , you at least need two of these three items to sign in successfully. One is your Apple ID password, the second is a trusted device, and the third is your recovery key. Thankfully, this is easy to set up. Here's how to set it up and ensure you don't get locked out. You might also want to consider enabling 2FA for other online services you use.

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Read More. The codes will appear automatically on one of your trusted Apple devices. To make your life much easier if you ever forget your iCloud password again, sign into your Apple ID and take these simple steps:. Apple gives you a lot of methods to reset your Apple ID or iCloud password.

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Which to use depends on how your account is set up. Once you change your password, we highly recommend you use a password manager for storing passwords. You just need to remember one master password.

Reset Apple ID Password (iPhone, Macbook)

To reset your password, you need to know the email address for your Apple ID. Don't know the email address for your Apple ID? Instructions vary based on the type of security that you use for your Apple ID.

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Choose the type that you use:. Can't access any of your devices? Need help with the previous step? You might not be signed in to iCloud. Need help with these steps? Click "Forgot Apple ID or password" and follow the onscreen steps.

To reset your password using the Apple Support app on a friend or family member's device, the device owner will need to download the Apple Support app. After the device owner has downloaded the Apple Support app, have them hand the device to you. Any information that you enter will not be stored on the device. Open the Apple Support app on the device and follow these steps:. If you borrow a friend or family member's iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and they can't download the Apple Support app, follow these steps to reset your Apple ID password:.

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